Chesapeake Ant Control

Call the Chesapeake Pest Control Pros today to discuss options for ant control in Chesapeake, VA. We are a professional exterminator providing ant control service in your local area. Get in touch with us today at (757) 568-0626. Our phone service reps can guide you in the right direction towards getting your problem with ants fixed. We offer services for ant extermination and ant infestations.

Ants can quickly infest and overtake a home without the owner’s awareness. Suddenly you will find a table covered in ants scrambling for near-invisible crumbs of food or swarming the sink in search of water. No one wants to wipe ants off the kitchen counter before making breakfast. If you have an ant problem, we can help.

Chesapeake Pest Control Pros ( offers highly-trained and experienced technicians who can quickly evaluate your ant problem and offer an affordable solution. Using industry-endorsed products and equipment, we can rid your home of ants quickly and safely without leaving residual toxins behind that could harm your family or pets.

Call us at (757) 568-0626 for a free estimate or to have your questions answered. We’ll explain how ants enter your home, what they want, and how we can eliminate the infestation. Our team at Chesapeake Pest Control Pros can answer your questions and inspect your home to provide a more detailed analysis on how to resolve the issue.

Don’t wait to find ants everywhere in your home, when they are more difficult to control. Call us when you first begin to see them, and we will help to determine the scope of the problem and explain the best way to address it. Whether you have carpenter ants, red ants, or other species, give us a call to discuss your concerns. Go back to our home page at